The High School of Art and Design is a CTE school with multiple admissions programs. For admission to any of these, students have to present a virtual portfolio and participate in the audition process.


Students interested in a program that uses “audition” as their admissions method as indicated in, will use students’ submitted audition as the sole criteria for selection. All auditions will be virtual this year due to the ongoing pandemic.


Public school staff and students with access to DOE Office 365 or TeachHub (including charter schools): will submit auditions through the Virtual Audition Submission Tool for most programs by following these instructions. Detailed instructions are attached. 

1.   To access the Virtual Audition Submission Tool, open a browser and login to your NYC DOE school account. 

2.   Once you login to your NYC DOE account, then open a browser and enter this URL in the navigation window:

3.   The start page for the Virtual Audition Submission Tool should appear. 

4.   Instructions for preparing and uploading audition files are included in this web-based Tool.


Private school staff and students without access to DOE Office 365 or TeachHub (including charter schools and parochial schools): will submit auditions online for most programs to the following email address- Detailed instructions are attached. 


  •  The Office of Arts and Special Projects has prepared audition preparation videos that dive into the common audition components and provide tips for how students can present their best work. 

  • As part of the common audition components, the Office of Arts and Special Projects worked with high school arts teachers to develop the following resources (also imbedded in the High School Auditions webpage and the Virtual Audition Submission Tool):   


All auditions to The High School of Art and Design will be accessed through the Virtual Aydition Submission tool.


At this time we are able to offer guidance in preparing your portfolios. Please review our Portfolio prep page on the website.


Please review the information in the FAQ’s to familiarize yourselves with the school.


You can also view our OPEN HOUSE segment on the website which is available 24/7 to interested students and families.

Our Spring Arts Festival, yearly art show, is also available to peruse to get a better idea about the art that is made in the classes. This work showcase the mostly the work students completed when the school was closed during COVID 19.

The final day to submit your portfolio, introduction or submit your audition drawings is February 23.

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